Monday, August 30, 2010

Finish upholstering chair...

Check!! It's done, and I'm so happy it's over with! It turned out great, just what I wanted, and ohh-so-comfy. I put in MANY hours this week ripping apart old fabric, cutting out the new pattern, pinning, sewing, stuffing, more pinning, more sewing, hammering snaps, etc. Half-way through this project, I realized I didn't take a "before" picture. Argh! Now I can't show off what an improvement it is. I do have a picture of part of the old fabric. You can see how worn (and not pretty!) it was.

Here is the finished glider!

In about 3 months I will be rocking (and nursing) a sweet little baby at all hours of the night in this chair. I bet I'll be smiling too! :)

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Tate Family said...

Looks GREAT, Sarah!! I love it.