Tuesday, July 27, 2010


We have decided to take our house off the market when the listing expires. I don't want to be moving at this point, I want to be getting the nursery ready. That means moving Natalie into the 3rd bedroom, and then getting out all our baby stuff from storage, cleaned and put in the nursery. Major, messy, project.

We are also getting all of our stuff out of storage and put into our own basement. Since our basement tends to leak when it rains (the house is very old) we are getting pallets to put our stuff on, as well as a dehumidifier to cut down on the dampness. This is another big project. So as of now, my house has boxes all over the kitchen and dining room, waiting to go downstairs. I am just waiting for the phone to ring-someone wanting a showing of the house. HA!

I am also in the process of hunting down a gently used bedroom set for Natalie. There have been several offered on Craigslist that I really liked, but had sold before I even had a chance. Argh! Still hunting...

Natalie told us yesterday that she wants her new room painted. I asked her what color (mentally bracing myself for the answer) and she surprised me by saying blue! Alright! We can do blue. We picked up some paint samples today and she is anxious to show Daddy when he gets home from work.

My doctor's apt went well last week. My BP is excellent, and weight gain around +7lbs total. I saw the NP instead b/c my OB was out of town. She was very helpful in answering my long list of questions. I am still waiting to hear if I need to go back for the profile scans of baby, my OB will review them when he gets back.

Natalie got to feel our baby girl kicking several days ago. She thought that was pretty neat! Mike and I have already picked out baby's name...which was surprisingly easy! We won't be sharing that with anyone until she is born. (Just in case we change our minds...it's a little awkward to change a name when everyone knows it!)

Mike has an interview tomorrow for a big promotion at work, please say a prayer that all goes well.

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Honsal Family said...

All sounds awesome! We didn't share the name we had picked for any of our kids until they were born. I loved the excitement when people would immediately ask their names after birth!