Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Natalie is supposed to be resting during "rest time." I don't make her nap, she usually has 4-5 books she can look through, and when she's done, she is to lay down quietly until I come get her. A few days ago, I hear a puppy barking (one of her stuffed animal toys) and know that she is playing and not resting. I was headed upstairs to get her anyway, and when I look in her room, she is laying down in bed quietly. (probably heard me coming) This is how our conversation went:

Monnie: Natalie, did you have fun playing with your puppy-dog during REST time?
Natalie: (looks up guiltily at me)
Monnie: You know you aren't supposed to play with your toys in bed.
Natalie: (offended) I didn't!!! ...I was OUT of bed.
Monnie: **laughing**

I love it!!

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