Saturday, July 10, 2010

19 weeks!

Baby is kicking and rolling around a lot! Mike got to feel him/her kick several times this past week. Two nights ago, baby started kicking hard at 2am, so I woke Mike, grabbed his hand and put it to my tummy and asked, "do you feel that!?" He waited a couple seconds and said, "uhhmmmhuuhhh." I have yet to ask him if he remembers this.

I am feeling great, one of those lucky women who enjoy pregnancy...even the first trimester when I'm not nodding off. :) The emotions are in now full swing and I cry very easily. This started up last week when Mike and I had a disagreement about something and I just started sobbing. Not the sweet little watery-eyes cry, this was overwhelming choked up, red-nosed, hiccuping, tears-running-everywhere, ugly-looking cry! I looked up at Mike, and he had that classic guy panic/bewildered look on his face, of: OhcrapImadehercrywhatdoIdotomakeitstop!? LOL...well, we survived only for me to cry many more times this past week. Yesterday Natalie was playing a video game with Mike, and she walked up to him casually and pat his back, then put her arm around his neck and head against his for a side-hug. Hello tears! It was so sweet, and just an everyday example of her expressing how much she loves her Daddy! So yes, I don't even watch TV...the commercials are too much! :)

So other than the tears, occasional crippling lower back pain, (if you see me hobbling around, think nothing of it) and lightheaded-ness when I stand up too quickly, things are going well! I am SUPER proud of the fact that I am almost half-way through this pregnancy, and still haven't hit my starting weight for my pregnancy with Natalie. I am power-walking that track at the "Y" like nobody's business. Soon to be power-waddling... I think I have gained 5 or 6 pounds so far. We'll see what the doctor's scale says...

Four more days until our big ultrasound! :)

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