Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Catching up with us:

We have been busy....that or I've been lazy and not wanting to blog for a while. You'll never know. :)

Mike and I canceled our cable because I was sick of paying the rising bill every month. It's not even that we can't afford it, I just hate sending them my money, and imagining the people over in their billing department laughing at us because we actually pay the outrageous prices! We only had it for the last 18 months, and now that it's been gone for 3 weeks, I can't say that I miss it.

Mike and I have played card games some evenings, and I whip him at WAR and Zigity almost every time. He just keeps crawling back for more...

We are now 'Y' members and Natalie and I have been spending the afternoons at the outdoor pool. Although with heat index creeping over 105 lately, the pool just feels like a warm bath. We may stick to the indoor pool for the next week.

Bandana's BBQ is the devil, and it will be years before I eat it again.

Natalie and I spent Father's Day with my parents and extended family and had a fantastic time! We drove back here and spent the evening with Mike's family as well. I have already uploaded those pictures and will be posting them soon.

Yesterday was my monthly apt with my OB. Baby is growing perfectly and heartbeat sounds great! (HR is in the 160's) Natalie spent most of MY apt time yakking to my OB about going to the pool later that afternoon and what she got to do this weekend. Funny how she's so talkative when we visit my doctors, although her pediatrician probably wonders if she can even talk.
My BP was 95/63 and weight gain is +3 lbs. Baby is moving around a lot, and those movements are definitely getting stronger!


Tate Family said...

Love the update. We are also a cable-less family and don't miss it at all. We used to be Y members - loved the pool. Great fun for scorching days. So glad to hear about baby's heartbeat. I'm guessing BOY (so that means it's a girl) haha

Kathleen said...

We hace cable and every so many months they mysteriously raise our rates. We call and tell them we are switching to the dish and they magically give us a hell of a deal. Imagine that! Sneaky cable company!