Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Are we finding out??

I have had many people ask me if we are finding out the sex of our baby. I have left this decision up to Mike each time, and it will always be up to him with all of our babies. We did NOT know with Natalie. We were totally shocked when she was born and the doctor announced, "You've got a girl!" I was so overwhelmed it didn't even cross my mind until he said it.

With this pregnancy, Mike decided he'd like to know the sex of our baby, and I'm fine with that too. Nothing wrong with experiencing it both ways. We're looking forward to finding out July 14th! (write that down) Since Natalie is VERY adamant that she wants a sister, and NOT a brother, it might be a good thing to know ahead of time in case we're having a boy. You know, so we can talk up the boy qualities. She'd adjust fine either way.

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Tate Family said...

wow, that is coming up SOON! i'm guessing another girl. but i'm always wrong. haha