Tuesday, May 11, 2010

How many more weeks??

I do NOT need a heart attack. Thank you 'little one' for keeping me on my toes.

So I was spotting yesterday morning. With my history, this isn't something I take lightly and just go about my day. I was on the phone with my OB and specialist, trying to see who could get me in the quickest. OB won. I had an ultrasound at 2PM today. Sure enough, little baby was doing fine! Heart beating strong, and we actually got to see him/her moving around quite a bit. Very cool. Baby has grown a LOT! Apparently I let out a very audible 'sigh' after the ultrasound, and my OB just smiled at me. I think he was happy he could give good news...or maybe that was just his way of masking the fear of the realization that I'm probably going to be one of those pregnant women. (that come in for every little thing...)

Either way, I'm happy! Keep on truckin' little babe...we only have 29.5 more weeks to go!

Natalie told me this morning that my tummy has gotten sooo big! LOL...you have no idea kiddo, just keep watching. At least she hasn't made any more announcements in public lately. Two weeks ago, she yelled across the dinner table (at a crowded restaurant) "Hey PawPaw guess what!? Monnie can't buckle her pants anymore!" PawPaw about spit out his tea, as I stared at my menu, not even daring to look around and see if anyone heard.


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You go to the Dr. as often as you wish!!! I am so glad your little babe is going strong. I am praying for you all.

Jenn Hawn