Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Domestic what?!

I caught the end of a show yesterday, in which a woman describes her job as a "domestic goddess." HA! I don't think such a thing exists. The closest thing would resemble that electrolux appliance commercial in which Kelly Ripa walks around the house in her size 0 jeans, perfect hair and makeup, getting projects done with a flick of her wrist. Oh, and don't forget to notice that there isn't a speck of dust or dirt in her perfect house, or on her children. That's not reality. AT ALL. There is nothing glamorous about taking care of a home and raising children. Fulfilling, YES!

So lets be more honest here, lady. "Domestic goddess" doesn't exactly fit the picture. At least not in 99.99% of most stay-at-home-mom's houses. My t-shirt would say something more like, "been there, wiped that."

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