Friday, May 7, 2010


I have been busy all day baking up a storm in the kitchen! Natalie's 4th birthday is tomorrow and I have her favorites all lined up. We are having a small party here with all four of her grandparents. She has been counting down the days, and even woke up EARLY this morning to yell, "Hey Monnie!!! It's only ONE more day till my birthday....right?!" My response wasn't very enthusiastic, but more of a grumbling for her to go back to sleep. LOL

Today also marks 10 weeks in my pregnancy! I have been feeling pretty great and have my first apt with my regular OB on Wednesday. We are looking forward to hearing that reassuring heartbeat again. Some days I struggle with staying positive. Every twinge or ache makes me worry, and even though we've had no evidence of a miscarriage, there are moments when I feel it's just inevitable. Thankfully these moments don't happen often, and I'm sure MANY women feel this way. Most of the time, I am just delighted that everything is looking great and thankful I am feeling so well.

I am behind on posting pictures...I might have to do a catch up post soon.

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