Saturday, April 3, 2010


The other evening while I was cleaning up dinner, Mike and Natalie had a conversation:

Natalie: Daddy, I want to draw.
Mike: I'll go get a piece of paper (Natalie starts heading to the kitchen table) No, Natalie, we're not going to draw at the kitchen table anymore, we're going to draw on your desk from now on.
Natalie: OK! (goes to sit at her desk)

Mike gets the piece of paper, and when he hands it to Natalie, he sees her desk.

Mike: Natalie. Why did you draw on your desk??
Natalie: (looks very confused and starting to get upset) But you told me to draw on my desk, Daddy.
Mike: I meant on a piece of paper, not on the actual desk.

At this point, Natalie is very upset with herself for misunderstanding, and Mike is the one consoling her! When he starts erasing, she grabs the eraser from him to do it herself. This is when I walk in and Mike explains what happened. I start laughing. Hard. I order them to stop erasing so I can get a picture of it.

The marks are still there. I love them. I love how literal kids are, and the lessons it teaches us as parents. Great stuff.

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