Thursday, April 29, 2010

Drumroll please...

I would like to introduce the upcoming addition to our family. He/she will make their appearance late November or early December.

I am currently 9 weeks along, and have already had several blood tests and 2 ultrasounds. This picture was from the ultrasound last week. Baby measured 8weeks, 3 days in that photo. With some extra vitamins and a little hormonal help, my reproductive endocrinologist says I am "carrying beautifully." In fact, this week, she has already turned over my care to my regular OB. :) This is my 7th pregnancy, and the only other pregnancy I carried this far and beyond, was Natalie. So according to my specialist, we are well past the uncertain phase.

Those are the facts. The emotional side is filled with many nervous moments, tears, prayers, smiles, and hope. We got to see our baby for the first time at 6 weeks. When I saw that precious heart beating, I cannot describe the overwhelming emotion. There were quite a few tears. Seeing a baby that was the size of a GRAIN OF RICE, with a heartbeat, was amazing! Such a miracle!!

For the second ultrasound, I invited Dorie to join Natalie and I. Natalie LOVED hearing the heartbeat. Again, it was very emotional for me, but also more fun to see it through Natalie's eyes and feel her excitement.

I have been feeling pretty well, mostly just fatigue to deal with. No morning sickness, although I tend to nibble constantly throughout the day to ward off any queasiness. I have no complaints!

As far as adoption goes, we are still discussing this and trying to know what God's Will for us is in this area of our lives. Right now, we've agreed to move forward and see where it leads.

All I know, is what I've said all along: we are blessed!

Saturday, April 24, 2010


This past week, my parents officially moved into their new home. It is beautiful! How special to witness this dream of theirs finally happen. Pics to come later!

Saturday, April 3, 2010


For our 5th anniversary (back in January) we agreed to buy a kitchen table instead of getting each other gifts. We have been using Randy and Dorie's old kitchen table for the past five years. It worked well for us, so there was never any rush to buy a new one. Now that we are debt free, it's nice to occasionally buy something that we save for. To pay cash. No guilt!

It took us a while to find what we wanted. This was the first table we found that we both immediately liked. It was also the first table that was a reasonable price.

It is counter height, sturdy, solid wood, and extends to seat eight comfortably.

It took many hours for Mike and I to assemble this beast of a table and all eight chairs. Whew!

Hopscotch and Daffodils

The weather has been beautiful and we have enjoyed playing outside!


The other evening while I was cleaning up dinner, Mike and Natalie had a conversation:

Natalie: Daddy, I want to draw.
Mike: I'll go get a piece of paper (Natalie starts heading to the kitchen table) No, Natalie, we're not going to draw at the kitchen table anymore, we're going to draw on your desk from now on.
Natalie: OK! (goes to sit at her desk)

Mike gets the piece of paper, and when he hands it to Natalie, he sees her desk.

Mike: Natalie. Why did you draw on your desk??
Natalie: (looks very confused and starting to get upset) But you told me to draw on my desk, Daddy.
Mike: I meant on a piece of paper, not on the actual desk.

At this point, Natalie is very upset with herself for misunderstanding, and Mike is the one consoling her! When he starts erasing, she grabs the eraser from him to do it herself. This is when I walk in and Mike explains what happened. I start laughing. Hard. I order them to stop erasing so I can get a picture of it.

The marks are still there. I love them. I love how literal kids are, and the lessons it teaches us as parents. Great stuff.