Sunday, March 21, 2010


After many months of discussion, Mike and I have decided to move forward with this process. We are just in the beginning stages. As we have looked into this, many doors have closed, leaving us to wonder if this is really what we should be doing. However a couple other doors have opened and we feel it is God leading us in a specific direction. Right now, I don't feel comfortable sharing specifics until we get further into this process, but I ask that you pray for us.


Erin and Roger Bell said...

Oh Sarah and Mike this is wonderful!!! As you know, and we've talked about, adoption is so close to my heart! I am so excited for your family!! Please keep us updated!! I'm here for you, anytime!

Tate Family said...

sweet friend, know that i am sending prayers on your behalf. what is the Lord's plan in all of this? how in the world can we know right now? not that it lessens the sting, but i'm sure it is making you "dig deeper" and quiet yourself more to hear His voice in all of this. love you!

James said...

Hey....we got some info if you want some....give us a call.

James & Tricia

Anonymous said...

What an exciting time - and I am definitely praying alongside you & Mike. Praying for clear direction and peace in your hearts as you search for the Lord's will.

Jenny :)