Saturday, February 13, 2010

Oh Dear!

We had a nice evening with our friends Isaac & Jennifer, and their son Jonathan. Jennifer is about 34 weeks pregnant with another little boy. Natalie and Jonathan were showing us where the baby was (pointing to Jennifer's tummy)...which led to an interesting conversation. *ahem*

Me: Natalie, do you know that when this baby gets big enough, he'll come out and we'll get to meet him!
Natalie: (quiet)
Me: Isn't that exciting?! We'll get to hold him and give him kisses!
Natalie: is he going to come out of there?!
Jennifer: (looking at me with her eyebrows inching up)
Me: Uhhh, uhm, well...he'll just come out when he's big enough. Why don't you go ride in your cars again!
Natalie: Okay!


Honsal Family said...

HAHAHA I love it!

Anonymous said...

That's a toughie! I always used to tell the boys (and still do when the question arises), "Oh, well the doctor helps get the baby out..." and then like you did so perfectly, I change the subject and PRAY for no more questions! ;)


Kathleen said...

Aidan has been all over that now that we have been getting the new baby room ready. He asked me and then was like, "yeah she is going to come out your belly button right? thats why it looks so funny!" I thought no way in Hades was I going to explain how they REALLY got a baby out so I was like, yup buddy, just like that :)