Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Locked Out!

After church services on Sunday, I took Natalie to the restroom before leaving. She ran into the stall as I was putting our coats up. I walked over to her stall, started to open up the door, and it was locked! She had locked me out!! She's never gone potty by herself in a public restroom...the seats are usually too high.

Natalie, open the door so I can help you.
Natalie: No, Monnie, I do it all myself!

A couple ladies had just walked in a were smiling at me upon hearing her independent declaration. I'm watching her through the seams of the stall and she's struggling to balance herself on the big potty with one hand, and hold her dress up out of the way with the other.

Natalie, please just unlock this door so I can help you. I don't want you falling in!
Natalie: NO Monnie! I'm a big girl, you'll see.
**muffled laughter from several of the other ladies in the restroom**
(I see that she's done going potty, but now out of hands to finish)
Me: ..and how are you going to wipe yourself?
Natalie: Just watch, Monnie. I do it like this!
**more snickering from the bathroom ladies**

Natalie is taking a huge amt of toilet paper, wadding it up and wiping while balancing on the potty...b/c her other hand is still holding up her dress--I grimace, and wait for the "splash!" Thankfully, there was no splash. She finishes, scoots off and unlocks the door so I can help her pull up her leggings.

Alright, lets go wash our hands now.
Natalie: I do it, Monnie! I do it! I'm a big girl!


Erin and Roger Bell said...

Sooo cute!! Good job big girl Natalie!!

Honsal Family said...

Oh the independence! LOVE it!