Sunday, January 31, 2010

Chop chop!

This was me on Friday afternoon. Note the mass of hair. That's a lot of hair...

I went to my stylist and told her what I wanted. NINE inches were chopped off my hair and I am SO glad I did it! It's actually not quite as short as I wanted, but I am happy. Mike is grieving over the loss of my long locks.

I threw this extra pic in here because Natalie is cracking me up. She wanted to get in on the picture, and I just love her expression...even if it is blurry!

Day Job

Mike and I are very excited that he now works days! After almost FIVE years of working nights, he is finally on the day shift, 8-4, and we are thrilled! It is so nice to have him at home with us at night!

Eagle Watching

My mom and I took a special trip a couple weekends ago to go eagle watching. We had never been before and were armed with her new camera and my new telephoto zoom lens. This was a view of the lake, where we were at...a perfect cloudy day for pictures:

The rest of the pictures speak for themselves, although they are not as clear as the originals (click on the picture to enlarge)

We had many other pictures, but these were my favorites!


I am so blessed to have such wonderful friends. One of those close friends is Erin, and we have known each other for almost 9 years. We lived on the same floor our freshman and sophomore years of college and have kept in close contact since. Her husband has been in training lately (military) and so I invited her and their son Aiden to come visit us before they have to move to TX next month. Aiden and Natalie have played together before, and we've always been amazed at how well they get along. That weekend was no different! We never heard a single squabble between them, which is incredibly impressive for a 3.5 and 4 year old!

I snapped this picture the first night they were here. We just inflated the air mattresses before I took Natalie upstairs to bed, and they jumped into Erin's bed and pretended they were asleep. Obviously, with those smiles! :)

This was the second night they were here...enjoying a tea party!


Natalie and Erin:


Nani's Birthday

Nani's birthday was THREE weeks ago (I am a bit behind on my blogging) and she wanted to go ice skating! Yeah! After getting all the gear on Natalie (no easy task) she was already tired and we hadn't even started:

She went a few rounds with Nani and myself, and later with Mike and Pop:

This was break time...and soon to be snack time:

She is "sleeping" in my arms:

Not 20 minutes after we started skating, she announced she was done and ready to leave. LOL! We convinced her to make another few laps with us:

U.B. and Abbey:

Natalie watching the rest of us skate (because she was finished LONG before the rest of us)

The birthday girl with her sons:

Tuckered girl:

Helping Nani open cards:

Blowing out Nani's candles:

Happy birthday Nani! We love you bunches and look forward to celebrating many more birthdays with you!!!

Thursday, January 7, 2010


We have had plenty of snow lately! Despite it being bitter cold outside, we decided to go play in the snow and get rid of some of the "cabin fever" Natalie and I have had. Mike works 12-14 hour shifts whenever it snows, so when he's home, he usually is sleeping. However, today he decided to cut his sleep short so he could play with us!

Before we went outside, I put a pot of water on the stove (for hot chocolate when we came back inside) and wanted to get a quick snapshot of all of us in our snow gear. Natalie had other plans...each picture, she is making a face or doing something she shouldn't be doing! Then, she would giggle at my reaction when I would review that picture on the camera. She is SO ornery!

We finally got two pictures she behaved in...I think I was asking her how badly she wanted to go outside to play...

I did not take my nice camera outside in the snow...although I have a new HD camcorder I used and will have to get some of those videos posted. We had a blast, and thankfully the wind was not blowing where we were playing. We now have about 6 snow angels in our backyard! :)

Inside again with rosy cheeks!

This is the first time she's had hot chocolate...I think she liked it.

I should have known better!

Last week, our dear daughter had a cold. Usually I put an old diaper cloth in her bed at night so she can wipe her runny nose. This time, she requested a tissue box in her bed. (I had done that once before for nap time, and all went well)

The next morning, Mike came downstairs holding a handful of tissues he picked up off her floor. I was laughing so hard...I had him put them on the floor so I could count how many tissues she used: THIRTY FOUR!

Mike walked away and I heard him mutter, "those things aren't cheap! They're the lotion kind!" Which only sent me into more fits of laughter.

Needless to say, when Natalie asked for a tissue box in her bed that night, I said no!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

5 years ago today, Mike and I wed. It is amazing to both of us how much our love and friendship has deepened over these years. God has seen us through some heartbreaking situations time and time again, and has also blessed us time and time again with so much more than we deserve. I am so thankful for my husband, and that no matter what life throws at us, we go through it together. He is still my best friend, my comfort, and the person I am bursting to talk to every day! Even though our marriage isn't perfect, we keep our sense of humor and strive to make tomorrow better. I wholeheartedly attribute our happy marriage, not to ourselves, but to God working through us and our desire to draw close to Him.

Happy 2010 to you all!