Tuesday, February 24, 2009


If you lay on our floor, you will be used as a pillow:

This picture shows Cole's main endeavor in life: to be close. We've said that about him since he was a pup:

You didn't want any kisses? My mistake.

He'll take Natalie-kisses though!

Bowling with Maw-Maw:


Obviously I'm a few weeks behind in posting, but these are the pictures of Natalie's fun time in the snow:

Playing in the space I'd paved:

Playing with Daddy in the snow (or what was left of it...) This is a rare occurrence b/c Mike works SO much overtime when it snows. In fact, this may have been a first. Poor Mike was so sick with a bad cold this day...but wasn't going to pass up this opportunity. Natalie loved it, and of course flung herself backward and went limp (along with the not-so-quiet protests) when we carried her inside. Mom tells me "what goes around comes around...just wait until she starts hanging onto the door frame as well!" :)

Throwing snow!

Our mysterious tracks:

Big Bed

Natalie was out-growing her toddler bed and starting to wake up several times a night. I found a couple of great deals for the bed and spent a lot less than we thought we'd have to! She LOVES her new bed, and more importantly, is sleeping well again!

This bed is very tall! (I don't think mattresses used to be so plush) So far, we haven't had any problems with it. I had fun picking out the bedding as well. This quilt stood out to me, and is very "Natalie"