Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Best Medicine

Several weeks ago (when Natalie was sick with a cold) she talked to MawMaw on the phone. Here's how the conversation went:

MawMaw: Hi Natalie, how are you?
Natalie: (stuffed up and pitiful): I so sick MawMaw, and I miss you.
MawMaw: I miss you too honey.
Natalie: I miss you MawMaw. Come see me. Hurry!! Hurry MawMaw, I miss you.

The next day, they were in town (dropping Cory off at the airport) and decided to swing by and see their sick little girl. Keep in mind that Mike and I had not seen her move off the sofa in a few days. Enter my parents. Next thing we know, she is up and running around, playing!! Grandparents love is amazing medicine.

Climbing on PawPaw:

Tisses for PawPaw:

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