Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

Drive safely and enjoy your time with friends and family!

Monday, November 23, 2009

I have to say...

I am awfully proud of all that long, beautiful hair!!! We have been waiting for a long time. :)


Saturday afternoon, we took Natalie ice skating for her first time. Mike doesn't have a whole lot of skating experience, but he's a natural and seemed completely comfortable on the ice. Never fell once. I have always enjoyed skating and had several years of lessons as a kid. I really loved getting back on the ice for the first time in many years. I didn't fall either! :)

Natalie loved it and wants to go back. I was very proud of her and how hard she tried to learn something new...even if she was a little discouraged at first because it was harder than it looked.

She is pouting here because I stopped them to take a picture:

They didn't have ice walkers at this rink so Mike and I got an extra workout by holding her up. She needs more experience to learn to support more of her own weight.

This picture makes me was right before we left and she is TIRED.

She fell many times. Most of them were in slow motion b/c we were holding onto her arms or coat. She didn't seem to mind because when she fell, she got "snow" on her pants! This is a picture of the spot she decided she was done. She sat down on the ice and told us she was ready to leave. LOL. Mike carried her back across the ice to exit.

Girls Night

Whenever Mike is gone on a week night, Natalie and I have "girls night" It doesn't happen that often, but we make the most of it!

Last week, we enjoyed going out to dinner together. We came back home to watch a movie, painted our nails, and then shared dessert!

I was a little surprised when Natalie picked out this color!

I love having a daughter! :)

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

All Natalie

Natalie is showing off her artwork. I think it's pretty good...all the major parts are there!

The rest are pictures from our latest trip to my parents house (a couple weeks ago)
Making funny faces while waiting for MawMaw:

Natalie decided to use a little bucket to collect leaves and dump them in a pile elsewhere. I'm glad she got distracted by something else...we could have been there all night!!

Before we went to MawMaw and PawPaw house, she asked if we could take Aladdin with us (her new favorite movie) she wanted to share it with them. During a "scary" part, she snuggled up next to PawPaw and stayed there for quite a while. (notice the book on the sofa as well...)

Thursday, November 12, 2009


Regardless of the fact that I'm posting this almost 2 weeks late, I wanted to wish my husband a happy 7 years!!! October 31, 2002 was the day Mike first kissed me. It was the day our friendship turned into something more. Mike does not acknowledge any other "anniversary" than our wedding anniversary. However, I like to at least keep those other special dates in mind, and always remember our love story...even as it continues. That's me. Although Mike surprised me by telling me "7 years baby!" on Halloween, so I guess that counts for something. :) What a romantic!

Oh, and Halloween was also Cole's 5th birthday. Natalie wanted me to make him a cake, and when I explained that dogs can't eat cake she told me, "but I'll eat it, Monnie." :) Oh. Well how about getting candy instead? Sound good? Great!

This was our pumpkin this year. Yes I used a stencil. (My brother got the drawing gene, I still struggle with stick figures) Mike helped me stencil some when my hand cramped up, then I carved it out and he polished up the edges a little more. Pumpkin carving is fun for about the first 5-10 minutes and then I get tired of it. I feel the same way, every year. Just in case I need to explain what this is, it is an OWL. I didn't think I'd need to explain in the first place until my father in law said, "what is it? Some kind of bird?? I see a moon..." Har har. In my defense, he looked at it before it was lit...and we all know THAT makes all the difference.

It was chilly that night, but we always feel fortunate when it's not raining or sleeting on Halloween. This little girl had on 4 layers, and I added the hat under her Minnie ears...the ears actually stayed on better with it. With mittens and a hat, she stayed toasty warm while we went trick-or-treating for an hour and a half with Daddy and Pop.

About half way through the night, she was telling us that she wanted to go up to the doors by herself. She did great! This was when we got back to Nani and Pop's house...her bucket was FULL and we were carrying it for her long before we were done trick-or-treating. She wanted to be carried the last stretch back home as well. Her shoes were tired, you see.

Going through her candy...that will last her atleast six months.

Since Nani stayed home while we went trick-or-treating, they got to have girl time when we got back. This is Natalie in Nani and Pop's the midst of their pillows. It was all her idea to plop herself there while she watched a movie with Nani.

Church Festival

The Wednesday before Halloween, our church had a festival for the families. Kind of like "trunk or treat" but with a twist. Instead of everyone being involved with handing out candy, they had specific families set up tents and hand out candy. That way most families could stay together and enjoy the evening together. It was nice...and thoughtful!

This is Natalie (very excited) in her Minnie costume:

Quick pose with Monnie...maybe someday her posed smile won't look so mean. :) We're working on it!

These were the tents set up:

Inside, they had a maze made out of cardboard. It was DARK inside there, and I crawled through it with Natalie first. I was surprised she didn't get scared, but she did pause halfway through and tell me she was done! Once we made it out, she was excited and wanted to show I blinded them took a picture of them on their way out.

Then we made s'mores together.

After that we went on a hayride, and Natalie loved it! The kid next to me kept coughing on me (EW!) and I ended up with a cold that lasted about 5 days after that. Thanks. My little girl is a third of his age and knows to cover her mouth! Unfortunately Natalie caught my cold and is on the didn't seem as bad for her, thankfully.

Moving on! We got to decorate cookies!!!!

Although once she spotted the M&M's on the table, it was all over.

She got to find a pumpkin in a hay maze, and then we just let her run in the gym where the other kids were playing.

See the happiness?

She's a cute little Minnie!

At home, letting her have some candy:

I believe this was at about 9:30 at night...and she's still full of energy!

These next couple of pictures I captured very quickly. Cole was sniffing her candy, and she jerked it away from him, scolding him. The look on his face is priceless!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Nice Shirt!

A recent gift...and I just happen to enjoy it. :)

(click to enlarge)

The Best Medicine

Several weeks ago (when Natalie was sick with a cold) she talked to MawMaw on the phone. Here's how the conversation went:

MawMaw: Hi Natalie, how are you?
Natalie: (stuffed up and pitiful): I so sick MawMaw, and I miss you.
MawMaw: I miss you too honey.
Natalie: I miss you MawMaw. Come see me. Hurry!! Hurry MawMaw, I miss you.

The next day, they were in town (dropping Cory off at the airport) and decided to swing by and see their sick little girl. Keep in mind that Mike and I had not seen her move off the sofa in a few days. Enter my parents. Next thing we know, she is up and running around, playing!! Grandparents love is amazing medicine.

Climbing on PawPaw:

Tisses for PawPaw:

Sunday Faces

These pictures were taken a couple weeks ago AFTER we got home from church. Ya know, when she's worn out, hungry, and not willing to cooperate for a picture. Next time, maybe I'll remember to take a picture BEFORE we leave (when she's bright eyed, happy, excited to go, and most importantly, has a full tummy!)

Halloween Cole

I'm so glad she was including him in our festivities...poor dog, he'll put up with just about anything.