Wednesday, October 7, 2009


We toured the basilica here a couple weeks ago. I had always wanted to see it, and I'm glad I have. It's beautiful and I can appreciate the architecture and artwork of the mosaics inside. Although I was very bothered by the millions and millions of dollars that were invested into this cathedral. I strongly feel that money could have been used elsewhere caring for others...instead of a building. Personal opinion. I'll stop there. :)

Nobody could deny the beauty of it. This is a picture looking at the back of the church (from half way down the aisle) Our tour guide said it could comfortably hold 1800-1900 people.

A picture from the outside:

Natalie was so well behaved (even without a nap) and after the tour, we had fun playing outside. She was curious about a worm we found:

Grandpa picked it up and put it on a brochure we had so she could see it better:

Notice that Grandma has left the scene! :) Not a fan of worms, apparently. :)

Natalie helped release our new worm-friend back into some soil:

I just love this picture. Her facial expression is so funny (tired) but she's sitting so cute:

Sitting with Grandma and Grandpa:

This was our last visit with the grandparents for this trip. They are now safely back home. I am grateful we got to spend almost every day with them while they were here.

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Tate Family said...

WOW! Gorgeous pictures, Sarah. I know you are just loving your camera, eh? :)