Monday, September 14, 2009

Tank Life

When I was in college, I enjoyed keeping an aquarium. One of my favorite little critters in there was an albino African clawed frog. (albino water frog) They stay in the water with the other fish and are very easy to care for. This frog (Kermit) got huge, 3-4 inches, croaked at night, ate all my other nice fish, and tried escaping from his home a few times. We had a love-hate relationship, but he was more entertaining than burdensome. When Mike and I moved here several years ago, I didn't want to mess with moving the aquarium, so we gave all my fish (and Kermit) away. I still wish I would have kept him.

Personally, I don't care for small fish tanks...they are much harder to care for. The bigger the aquarium, the more self-sufficient it is. I have made an exception for Natalie and have a smaller aquarium for her. It's only 3 gallons, but with the filter system, I shouldn't have to do much to clean it. It has been set up for over a week now, and this morning, I told her we could finally go get her a frog. She was so excited!!

We went to the store, (a specialty fish/reptile store) and the first thing I saw when I walked in was the clerk misting a snake that was very agitated. Next to him was a tarantula about half the size of my foot. *shudder* *shudder* Cursing myself for only wearing flip flops, I walked into the store to find our frog. We bought one, and he is TINY, about the size of my thumb nail!

So now he is in his new home, and Natalie won't nap because she's too excited. When nap time sit-and-watch-the-frog time is over, I'll post a picture of our new critter. Oh and I need name suggestions!

*UPDATED* Here he is: