Saturday, August 22, 2009

Good News!

Background: For two weeks, Natalie had severe urinary frequency. We took her in to the pediatrician, and when they tested her urine, some of the labs were very concerning. She was diagnosed with "nephrogenic diabetes insipidus" After her pediatrician spoke more with us and a nephrologist, withdrew that diagnosis. We were referred to a specialist. That apt was yesterday.

The nephrologist confirmed my suspicions that a medicine caused her symptoms, which is why she improved so much after I stopped it. Although it would not have altered her labs, so she also thinks Natalie was probably recovering from a UTI two weeks ago when we got the abnormal labs. Because as of yesterday, her labs are back within normal range!!! Thank God!! These two things put together (symptoms and labs) were cause for concern, but were, thankfully, unrelated. When the doctor told us she was fine yesterday and left the room, I cried very happy tears of relief.

We did go ahead and have an ultrasound done of her kidneys and bladder to check everything because she's had a few UTI's in the past. Everything there looked perfectly normal as well. Natalie was so well behaved and cooperative yesterday. To her, it was just a fun outing with Monnie and Daddy; she even got stickers, a sucker, and McD's afterward. It was funny to watch her skip in the hallway between us, happy as can be, talking non-stop about all the animals painted on the wall. I'm glad she was feeling good--Mike and I on the other hand, were anxious and stressed over her health. We weren't feeling nearly as great as she was!


Erin and Roger Bell said...

Wonderful, Wonderful news!!! :)

Kathleen said...

That is GREAT news!!! I am so glad :)