Monday, July 20, 2009

10 things about Sarah and Mike

All about Sarah:
1. I am a night owl. It takes a lot of discipline for me to go to bed before midnight.

2. I wash my hands many times each day. Probably between 10-20 times a day. I wonder if this is obsessive, but then again, I don't think so. Everyone should wash their hands before they eat, after they use the bathroom, after they cough or use a tissue, before and after preparing food, etc. It adds up. I have Natalie do the same, and we always wash hands after being in a public place. I really believe this is why we have very little illness in our home (knock on wood)

3. I love sleeping on my side with my knuckles tucked under my chin...although it leaves my wrists in a 90 degree angle and my hands fall asleep all the time!

4. I don't know what to do about Cole's allergies. Even with oral medication, they are still bad some days. He has to wear a cone around his neck anytime he isn't supervised or he will scratch his face until he bleeds. It's sad. We can do allergy shots, but the total costs will be in the thousands. Should you really spend thousands on a dog??

5. Natalie drinks out of a normal cup every day now. However, she still manages to form a latch on it. I have not nursed her in over 2 years, and she's managed to form a breastfeeding latch onto everything since then. Bottles, sippy cups, and now regular cups.
(don't mind the mess--this was s'more night as you'll read about below)

6. I have never had a broken bone, sprained anything, no emergency room visits, and no unexpected stitches. I was never teased at school as a kid, nor have I ever had a "broken heart" over a boy.

7. I love reading books! I also research anything and everything before I make a decision, or buy anything.

8. is my shopping weakness.

9. I still play piano almost daily. I took lessons for almost 8 years and stopped when I went to college. I would come home from college on weekends and play for hours. I missed not having a piano to play everyday. After Mike and I got married and moved here, I paid extra to have the truck stop at my parents house and haul the piano to our new house. I still enjoying playing, and have for 16 years.

10. I currently have a bachelor of science degree in psychology, and a minor in sociology. I plan to go back and get my masters in family counseling when all of our children are in grade school. That is my plan. We'll see what happens!

All about Mike:
1. Mike does not shave daily. It's more of an every 3-4 day project. Even if he did shave daily, it wouldn't look like it. He has a thick beard that grows quickly...I compare him lovingly to a yettie. :)

2. He is a very conservative person. Financially, spiritually, politically, etc.

3. Nothing gets him fired up like politics. He could rant for days about the b.s. (ahem, bologna sandwich) that goes on.

4. He has the nicest speaking voice I have ever heard. (when he's not ranting) I love listening to him talk. He also sings very well. He has a rich sound and is always on pitch. However he has no desire to make anything of it. It bugs me...he's wasting talent!

5. Mike is a very hard worker and is great at his job. More importantly, he enjoys his job! He also appreciates that I stay home with Natalie.

6. He is never afraid to argue with me. Some men cower when their wives get mad, and although neither Mike or I like confrontation, (nor do we fight much) he isn't afraid to disagree with me. We both fight fair, and neither one of us is going anywhere.

7. Mike does NOT like public displays of affection. I can remember when we were dating, I tried to hold his hand in a store, and he pulled away. He explained he didn't like any kind of PDA. A few minutes later I spotted an older couple holding hands, and I asked him, "does that offend you?" When he said no, I said, "then hold my hand, Mike!" He agreed and we've been holding hands in public ever since. Not a very romantic story, but I love it anyway. Like I said, Mike is very conservative.

8. Mike has 2 degrees and many pilot licenses. He has a Bachelor of Science degree in aviation management, and a Masters degree in aviation safety. For pilot licenses: he has a private, instrument, commercial, and instructor license. There might be one I'm missing...I can't remember! He used to take me flying when we were in college and I enjoyed every minute of it. Although he loves his job, he misses flying and would love to do it again. Either as a profession or recreation.

9. He is very good about getting Natalie to eat. We have to encourage every calorie that goes into her. If we aren't at home or the grandparents are around, forget it! She would rather play.

10. Mike has lived in so many places as a kid. Georgia, Japan, Hawaii, California, Virginia, and Missouri. Am I missing any places? He has the greatest childhood stories too.


Tate Family said...

oooh, I enjoyed reading this so much.

Honsal Family said...

I learned some new things! I love this post. Thanks for sharing!