Sunday, June 14, 2009

Train Trip

We had a great trip last week and it was a neat mother-daughter time for us.
Waiting at the station, ready to go!

She was listening to Mickey Mouse Clubhouse music, it kept her entertained for quite a while:


Waiving goodbye to Daddy:

The view for most of the trip:

A quick picture of Natalie and I...this was very difficult to achieve with a squirmy toddler on a bouncy train:

Speaking of bouncy train, I even went up to the snack car to get a bag JUST in case Natalie might get sick. (she does get motion sick every now-and-then) but she did great. She wanted to watch Care Bears for most of the trip:

This was our conductor, and she was so helpful getting us on and off the train:

Mom snapped this picture right before the train pulled away. Natalie is not crying, but just trying to smile with the sun in her eyes:

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Kathleen said...

That is so adorable. Aidan is OBSESSED with trains right now. We have been wanting to take him on a ride. You will have to send me the details ;) oh, I updated my email to (just an FYI)