Monday, June 8, 2009

The last two weeks have been busy for us. Last week was spent just trying to get our daughter to go poo. That's right. NINE days of refusing to go. NINE! I cannot even fathom how uncomfortable she was. Whatever her reasons were, she stuck to them, and we were in the doctors office three different times. (Which is really something, I don't take her to the doctor unless I've exhausted all my efforts and throw my hands up) But all is well again in potty world here at our house. I know you'll sleep better tonight just knowing that. :)

We have been enjoying this beautiful weather daily as well. I know most years we don't get much of a "spring" it goes right into the hot/humid weather, but the last three months have been wonderful! We have awesome parks surrounding us, and we have been utilizing them almost daily.

Natalie, my chill child, has also thrown her first screaming fit in public last week. Guess where that happened. None other than the library! You should have seen the looks those librarians gave me...that horrid mother who can't control her child! I cried all the way home...I was humiliated, and cursing myself for ever thinking ill of another mother with a screaming child. I've been enlightened. My eternal apologies for judging those moms. (My apologies do NOT extend to the moms in wal-mart who scream at their children) I told my mom about this library incident, and how I won't be able to go back unless I dye my hair a different color and get glasses. I think she stifled a laugh, and mentioned something about, "wait until you have a handful of kids pulling that on you..." I suspect she is having flashbacks while I share my stories with her...which eliminates any possibility of sympathy!

Now Natalie will be the first to tell you that, "We don't yell or scream at the library." I took her there again this week (with a stern warning before we went in, and gritting my teeth the whole way) and she didn't even say a word. She stared at her shoes the entire time we walked around...she was so somber it was comical.

Friday afternoon we went swimming with Nani and Pop at their outdoor pool...which I was hesitant about b/c we had 60 degree weather a couple days before that. Uhm, the water was frigid! Even in a heated pool, Natalie's lips are blue after 30 minutes--the girl has no insulation on her! Apparently that didn't matter, she had a blast...for 10 minutes and then she was shivering. LOL We had fun sitting out in the sun with Nani and Pop anyway. We warmed her up and then we took her on the lazy river (with a towel wrapped around her) and we had the nicest time. I love their rafts for the river, some of them have one side closed for little kids. Like this (this was us 2 years ago):

Aren't those rafts neat? That picture was taken just before she dozed off.

After the pool, Pop bought us pizza, and our little girl wolfed down TWO pieces! We spent Saturday evening with friends, and yesterday I spent the day cleaning, doing laundry, and packing.

This coming week, Mike is working 2 double shifts, 2 days in a row. Which means, besides saying "hi" when he goes to bed and wakes up, we won't see him for 3 whole days. Instead of spending our evenings alone, I decided Natalie and I should take a train trip (her first) to visit MawMaw and PawPaw. So we are leaving today, and will be back on Thursday. We are both excited! She has talked of nothing else all week. The last train trip I took was when I was probably 10-12 years old in Colorado. We rode the Durango to Silverton line, and I can honestly say, I'm looking forward to NOT having coal grits in my mouth this trip! :)

Have a wonderful week!

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