Saturday, June 20, 2009

Happy Father's Day!!

Happy Father's Day to all the daddy's, especially my dad, Mike's dad, and Mike!

I've put together some photos for Mike, as a reminder of how much we love him. He is an absolutely wonderful father, and as a mother, I could not be happier that our daughter has him to call "Daddy." We love you, Michael!

Not even 24 hours old, Natalie would search for his voice when he spoke to her.

Playing on the sofa

Our first vacation as a family: Gulf Shores, Alabama

Resting after a long day

This is one of my favorites

Snuggles before bedtime

Sitting on the sofa together

Watching Cole

Swimming: San Diego, California

Natalie's 1st Birthday...getting Daddy's attention

This is the sight of many mornings, even now. Mike comes home from work and falls asleep just as we're starting our day.

Natalie snuggles with Daddy during her first cold (14 months)

Swimming with Daddy

Daddy and Natalie (Father's Day 2007)

Natalie loves to share! LOL

Laughing with Daddy

At Busch stadium


First time putt-putting

Playing in the house-tent

The magic house

Laying just like Daddy

Stuffing M&M's in her mouth on Easter

Kite flying



Honsal Family said...

Very cool pics! They have an awesome relationship, it's evident!

Erin and Roger Bell said... very sweet! What a neat thing to put together!! :) Very precious.