Sunday, May 10, 2009

Birthday with MawMaw & PawPaw

We have had a busy week with various celebrations for Natalie's 3rd birthday. The first celebration was last weekend when MawMaw & PawPaw came to visit.

I loved this gift bag that lit up, Natalie was ready to find out what was inside:

Mickey Mouse games!!

I took so many pictures, but I didn't get a picture of her favorite gift from that night. She was given a fishing pole with a practice plug. She can now cast and reel in a fish! We'll see how she does at the lake in a few weeks...

Cake time:

She was PawPaw's girl that evening. She wanted to sit next to him, and she even wanted him to feed her birthday cake!

This is just too precious:

Then she used him for a personal jungle gym for the next 2 hours:

MawMaw let her play with her real camera...definitely something Monnie doesn't allow:

Thank you to my parents for such a fun night!!

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