Monday, May 25, 2009

Car Rides

Natalie has always been a good traveler. She has a go-with-the-flow kind of personality and it extends into car trips as well. Lately, it's been even better and we haven't even needed much entertainment with the DVD player.

These pictures look like they were taken WHILE driving, but I assure you, I was taking them from the passenger seat...I was just leaning waaay over to get them. Don't you worry.

Last weekend we went to my cousin's graduation. It was a long day for her, but like always, she was a trooper and had a great time. No whining...just kicked back on the ride home:

Cole joined her:

I thought this was cute...

This weekend we traveled again to stay with my parents. Friday afternoon I spent hours cleaning out their garage and setting up racks for an upcoming garage sale my mom is having. (I have a lot of aches and bruises to prove my efforts) Friday night I went out and caught up with a couple friends that were also in town, and Saturday morning I went up to a bridal store with my friend to try on bridesmaid dresses. That was hilarious, and I have pictures, but will spare you. :)

On the trip back home we stopped at McD's for Natalie. She was happy with her t-Rex happy meal toy and thought it was fun to stick it in the sunshade netting.

I just love her sweet smile...

Did you notice the pillow behind her head? We like to travel in comfort.

Sunday, May 24, 2009


As Natalie and I walked around Target this morning, she didn't surprise me with her usual request to go potty. Really. I mean, that is a required stop on every outing. Not that I would complain about beats diapers and pull ups any day! What DID surprise me was the bathrooms were closed due to a water main break. No place of business had bathrooms in a 2-3 block radius. I don't know what I expected them to do, but a unsympathetic "sorry" just didn't seem right. This is a 3 year old that has to go potty, people! She doesn't just hold it.

Being the smarty pants that I am, I keep a potty chair in the trunk of my car, just in case we ever find ourselves in this kind of situation. Natalie went potty, and I even resisted the urge to fling the potty all over their unsympathetic Target grass. Ah, maturity.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Anytime I sit on the floor, Cole joins me by curling up and falling asleep with his head in my lap. Today he put a twist on it. I think he was trying to escape Natalie's attention this evening. Too bad he's not the 20lb dog he thinks he is...


Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day

We surprised Nani at their church Sunday morning. She was working in the nursery, so Natalie stayed there with her and they got a little extra time together. After church we had lunch and then headed home shortly after. Mike had worked all night Saturday, so he was about to drop...and so was Natalie being close to nap time. What a great weekend...Natalie got to spend a few hours with Nani and Pop three days in a row!!

Monnie & Natalie:

My BEAUTIFUL corsage from Natalie (thank you Mike):

A Very Special Day

Saturday we planned a get together with some of our friends in the area. The weather was beautiful and we enjoyed catching up with everyone. I think there were 5 couples, plus kids there. Natalie had fun at the playground with the other little ones, she even got to fly a kite with Daddy.

One of the highlights of that time (for me) was that I got to meet and hold little Hannah. It's obvious her parents are so happy and in love with her too. Isn't she just beautiful?? Thank you guys for letting me snuggle with her for a while. I soaked up every second of it.

Many of our friends were not able to make it to the park that day because of Ryan being in the hospital. (his family website is one of the links on the left of this page, under "Hawn's" if you'd like to keep up with his story. I encourage you to do so.) Ryan is another baby we had yet to meet. He is close in age to Hannah, in fact, all 3 of us mommies were due within a week of each other, before our 2nd miscarriage. So it was an incredible blessing to meet these two babies, even on the same day!

We dropped Natalie off with Nani and Pop, and met Jenn and Chris at the PICU and went into Ryan's room. He was having a good day and being held by grandma. Once he was settled in bed, I asked Jenn if I could take a couple pictures and she said that would be fine.

When I uploaded this picture on our computer later that night, it took my breath away.

This is another picture I took of Jenn soothing Ryan while he was fussing.

Chris took this picture of Mike and I loving on Ryan. Isn't he precious?

We had dinner with Jenn and Chris in the hospital and were able to spend time together. Thank you both for letting us come visit you and meet Ryan. We continue to pray for Ryan, as he is on our hearts all day, every day.

Natalie's 3rd Birthday

We woke Natalie on Friday morning with a blueberry muffin, candle, balloon, and a serenade of "Happy Birthday"...she obviously didn't remember this from last year. Although she was excited! We had been counting down the days until her birthday with a paper chain this past week. Which meant that with all the upcoming excitement, her sleeping was affected. I was grateful her birthday was finally here so I could get some solid sleep again!

Because she loves cupcakes, I decided to make her this cake this year. It was huge!

Waiting for Nani, Pop, and UB to get here...

See the excitement?? She is wearing her party dress that she picked out herself:

We had her favorite (spaghetti) dinner and then she was anxious for us to hurry up and finish so we could go open presents. It brought back memories of how slow my parents moved on my birthday. It was agonizing to wait on them so we could get to the gifts! So needless to say, she wasn't thrilled with me when I had to potty first, then get the camera, then a change of batteries...LOL But we finally got to open presents without her suffering too much ;)

This was her gift from Nani and Pop...a HUGE (ahem 4-story) doll house!! Oh my goodness, she loves this thing:

Doll house furniture. I can appreciate the muscle she is using opening presents. 'Atta-girl!

A new umbrella of her own!

We have yet to enforce a "no-open-umbrellas-in-the-house" rule:

A new backpack with her posed "smile." We're working with her on this...

Opening a game...Cole sneaks his way into the action somehow. Every time.

is my favorite picture of the night. She is sitting so pretty, and when I called her name she turned. Her hair happens to NOT be in disarray for once...and well, she just looks precious. I love it!

Nani spent a LOT of time that evening playing with her, with the new dolls and house. I didn't get a picture of it...but it was cute! I should mention that the birthday tiara Natalie was wearing was also courtesy of Nani. Nani told me there was a birthday sash that went with it but she didn't buy it. Upon further questioning, she didn't buy it (NOT because of self restraint) but because she thought it'd be too big for Natalie. Oh my goodness Nani, you crack me up! In her defense, she's been surrounded by boys for around 30 years. She's waited a long time for a little girl to spoil.

Ready for cake!

After all the gifts were opened, I think Natalie spent the most time playing with the 99 cent balloons. (of course!) We played keep-it-up for probably an was a lot of fun with 6 of us! Here she is playing with Pop.

Our party guests. U.B. (Uncle Brad), Nani, The birthday girl, and Pop:

She had a blast! Thank you guys for making her birthday extra special!!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Birthday with MawMaw & PawPaw

We have had a busy week with various celebrations for Natalie's 3rd birthday. The first celebration was last weekend when MawMaw & PawPaw came to visit.

I loved this gift bag that lit up, Natalie was ready to find out what was inside:

Mickey Mouse games!!

I took so many pictures, but I didn't get a picture of her favorite gift from that night. She was given a fishing pole with a practice plug. She can now cast and reel in a fish! We'll see how she does at the lake in a few weeks...

Cake time:

She was PawPaw's girl that evening. She wanted to sit next to him, and she even wanted him to feed her birthday cake!

This is just too precious:

Then she used him for a personal jungle gym for the next 2 hours:

MawMaw let her play with her real camera...definitely something Monnie doesn't allow:

Thank you to my parents for such a fun night!!

Ever wonder...

what a three-year-old dreams about? Apparently petting bunny rabbits and puppy dogs in the back yard.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Prayers Needed

Please join us in prayer for our friends and their son.

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