Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Words of Our Natalie

Natalie: (hugging on my neck) Monnie, we best friends. Ever together Monnie.
Monnie: Yes we are! I love you.
Natalie: I love you too, Monnie. (Then kisses my cheek)

These precious moments bring such joy. If only I could stop time and bottle it up.

Last night she was sticking her leg through the spindles (under the banister) of the steps.
Monnie: Natalie, don't stick your leg through there.
Natalie: (grinning and still dangling her leg through)
Monnie: What if your leg gets stuck?
Natalie: (sticks her finger in the air) We get a mouse-ka-tool! (cups her hands around her mouth) Oooh toodles!!

I laughed so hard, she started laughing too. Is her obsession with Mickey Mouse Clubhouse obvious?

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Tate Family said...

Oh, boy, the witty comebacks they have just keep me in stitches! :)