Monday, March 23, 2009

Beautiful Weather!

We spent the weekend with my parents in JC. Mike and I had good time Friday afternoon with my brother and Dad at a shooting range. My arm was very sore the next day, but I did pretty well! Although, then comes along Dad, who hasn't shot a gun in years...not sure if he's ever shot a 9mm. Picks up the glock, puts the target out as far as it will go, and hits every single shot in the center, grouped together. Doug, Mike, and I had to pick our jaws up off the ground. That's military training from years ago, I'm sure, but still! Some people are just naturals. I believe Dad muttered something about, "just like riding a bike..." It was a fun day to spend with my guys. Completely ruined my nails though...

We have enjoyed the nice weather here today. Natalie and I spent the morning shopping...I've probably bought more than I should. It's hard to resist all those bright spring colors and styles, not to mention how much I love looking at girlie stuff with her. Although everything I got was on sale...Mom would say I was saving money!

Natalie and I took a walk around the house this afternoon and she enjoyed looking at the flowers in the backyard. Mike took her back outside for another walk while I made dinner, and then did some sidewalk chalk drawings together. He tried to teach her how to hopscotch, and we have a hilarious video as a result.

Mike and I watched Twilight tonight, and I really liked parts of it, and didn't care for others. Wasn't as good as the book, but most movies aren't.

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