Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Words of Our Natalie

Natalie: (hugging on my neck) Monnie, we best friends. Ever together Monnie.
Monnie: Yes we are! I love you.
Natalie: I love you too, Monnie. (Then kisses my cheek)

These precious moments bring such joy. If only I could stop time and bottle it up.

Last night she was sticking her leg through the spindles (under the banister) of the steps.
Monnie: Natalie, don't stick your leg through there.
Natalie: (grinning and still dangling her leg through)
Monnie: What if your leg gets stuck?
Natalie: (sticks her finger in the air) We get a mouse-ka-tool! (cups her hands around her mouth) Oooh toodles!!

I laughed so hard, she started laughing too. Is her obsession with Mickey Mouse Clubhouse obvious?

Monday, March 23, 2009

Beautiful Weather!

We spent the weekend with my parents in JC. Mike and I had good time Friday afternoon with my brother and Dad at a shooting range. My arm was very sore the next day, but I did pretty well! Although, then comes along Dad, who hasn't shot a gun in years...not sure if he's ever shot a 9mm. Picks up the glock, puts the target out as far as it will go, and hits every single shot in the center, grouped together. Doug, Mike, and I had to pick our jaws up off the ground. That's military training from years ago, I'm sure, but still! Some people are just naturals. I believe Dad muttered something about, "just like riding a bike..." It was a fun day to spend with my guys. Completely ruined my nails though...

We have enjoyed the nice weather here today. Natalie and I spent the morning shopping...I've probably bought more than I should. It's hard to resist all those bright spring colors and styles, not to mention how much I love looking at girlie stuff with her. Although everything I got was on sale...Mom would say I was saving money!

Natalie and I took a walk around the house this afternoon and she enjoyed looking at the flowers in the backyard. Mike took her back outside for another walk while I made dinner, and then did some sidewalk chalk drawings together. He tried to teach her how to hopscotch, and we have a hilarious video as a result.

Mike and I watched Twilight tonight, and I really liked parts of it, and didn't care for others. Wasn't as good as the book, but most movies aren't.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

What a weekend!

Wednesday night we took Natalie swimming at the Y. She had a blast and was even cuter in her swimsuit without that swim-diaper! I forgot the well as another important essential (TOWELS) but thankfully they have complimentary ones so we didn't have to freeze in the locker room.

Thursday evening Mike and I enjoyed a quiet night at home catching up on TV shows we enjoy.

Friday, Mike's mom took me to a spa and had me pampered for THREE hours. I had never had a massage before, and I wondered how someone could be massaged for a full hour. I am now in agreement with Dorie, it is the fastest hour ever! It was wonderful!! Then we had a pedicure, which was so nice. (The only pedicure I had before this was when I was 9 months pregnant, and could no longer reach my toes) Then we had our manicure done, and were all finished with pretty fingers and toes!! When we got home, Natalie LOVED our nails, and wanted hers done too. So she had getting her fingers and toes painted that evening too.

Friday night was not-so-great. Natalie kept waking up congested and miserable. I spent a lot of the night in her bed, trying to get her comfortable and catch some sleep myself. She finally slept sound between 6:30-9:30AM.

At 8:20AM, I heard a LOUD booming noise. It shook our bed! I elbowed Mike and he heard it too. We waited and heard it again, so he got up and dressed to go see what was going on. Mike searched our house, then went outside and found someone trying to break into our house! (luckily the guy didn't see him) He called 911, and they were here within 2 minutes. The guy was sitting on our steps, and was arrested for attempted burglary. Apparently he just got out of prison, and was very intoxicated. There is damage to our basement door where he struck it with a baseball bat, and then tried to pry it open. We are pressing charges, and this loser will be sent back to jail. Very scary situation, but we are well aware of God's protective care over us.

Three different police officers advised us that, unfortunately, these things happen. If he had broken into our home, or if this does happen again in the future, we have every right to use a firearm against him. It is our right to protect ourselves, our family, and our home. We never thought much about this before...I guess we had the "it won't happen it us" mentality. Hopefully it won't again...but if it does, we have a plan. Do you?

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Leave it to Natalie...

After having visions of having to send her to kindergarten with a diaper b/c she refused to go #2 on the potty, she surprised me tonight and went! She was very proud of herself and I am too. Obviously! Why else would I dedicate an entire post to poop???

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

My thoughts for today

1. I am immensely proud of myself for installing a new thermostat in our house yesterday. All by myself! I called to tell my handy-brother of my great accomplishment, and he takes the air out of my tires by saying, "well yeah, Sarah, it's not that hard." It wasn't, but I thought that was only because I was doing better than par. Apparently not.

2. I hate having a dirty kitchen. There are dishes piled up in the sink (b/c the dishwasher is full of clean ones) and that bothers me. I couldn't fall asleep easily last night just thinking about it. But here I sit, and they are still there...

3. I let it slip in front of Natalie that I wanted to take her swimming this week. She has not quit asking since. First thing this morning, she runs into our room, "Can we go shwimming now Monnie??" I think my response was a groan of some sort. Physical activity is the last thing on my mind before my eyes are even open.

4. Natalie is completely POTTY trained. She even stays dry at night and during naps. I'm so proud of her. However, she still refuses to go poopy on the potty. She'll be 3 in less than 2 months now. It's come down to a battle of the wills, and I think I'm losing.

5. I am getting glasses this week. My vision has been slowly getting worse since I had Natalie, and I have had to ask Mike on road trips what signs read, or what gas prices were. The final straw was when I started getting headaches while reading...a favorite hobby of mine. When the eye doctor held the corrected vision in front of me, I was shocked at the difference it made.

6. Happy 2ND anniversary to our friends Isaac and Jennifer today!!

7. Happy belated birthday to my brother Doug. I give him trouble, but I love him dearly. He has such a caring heart and is one of the hardest workers I know. I think he gets that from our grandpa.

8. I am really hoping the storms hold off long enough today so I can take Natalie to the park. I'm also hoping that the posted low tonight (27 degrees) is just a type-0! Esp since it's 78 outside right now.

9. I am out of thoughts...and need to go clean up those dishes!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Oh be careful little feet, where you go.

For the Father up above, is looking down in love. So be careful little feet, where you go.

Indoor wagon rides!

Especially on cold days! We got back from the library tonight and Mike pulled Natalie around while I made dinner. Notice her friends are all strapped in tight for the ride. I'm glad someone is keeping an eye on those wild characters!