Sunday, January 18, 2009

We have been home for several days now, and I'm still working on getting the house functioning again. It seems to take forever to get the laundry going, dishes clean, house clean, grocery shopping done, etc., etc. We're making progress. We had a very nice trip this past week, considering the circumstances. It's always nice to visit with family and friends after many months of not seeing them. I also enjoyed all the stories of my grandparents that their friends shared with us. So meaningful. I have pictures to share soon.

This morning (after emerging from under my electric blanket) I noticed it was freezing cold in our house! Our thermostat registered 51 degrees! I was thankful Natalie's room was a toasty 75 (we add extra heat her room with a safety heater fan and heated humidifier) Mike smelled gas in the basement, so we called our gas company and they were there within TEN minutes. I was impressed. After handing over a hefty check, all is well and fixed...and WARM.

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Anonymous said...

What is a safety heater fan? Who makes them? We have a space heater but it's not a safety one...just a regular old one. I'd love to get one of the safety heaters for our nursery. That room gets chilly in the winter months w/ a draft coming through the windows.

I'm glad you had a safe trip and enjoyed reminiscing about your Grandpa!