Monday, March 31, 2008


We need prayers, specifically for our baby. Last night I suddenly started bleeding and clotting with some cramping. This continued today so I went in to see my OB. Everything had been going smoothly so far, I just expected peace-of-mind with an ultrasound. She told me my cervix was closed (which is encouraging), and the sac looks really good. However, there was no heartbeat. There was some kind of pulsing/fluttering near the baby, but we're not sure if that's from me, or the baby. We don't know if our baby is alive or not.

I was given a Rx to stop the bleeding for now. They also drew blood, and will recheck it on Wednesday morning to see if my hormone levels are dropping. If they are dropping, there is nothing anyone can do, and we'll let nature take its course. The OB assured me there is still some hope, and we'll check again for a heartbeat on Friday morning if the hormone levels are stable or rising.

I can't begin to describe the heartache Mike and I are going through. There is no room for anger. We know God's will will be done, even if we don't understand. We trust Him. We are trying to find a middle ground for our emotions right now. On one side, we completely believe in miracles and know we could see that little heart beating on Friday. On the flip side, we know this rarely happens.

Kristin T. I want to thank you for recommending your OB to me. Dr. K is who I went to today, and I'm so grateful. She listened through my tears, and didn't push for an immediate d & c. She even seemed to know what I was thinking by telling me not to play the "guilt game."

I am so thankful for Natalie. Having her here makes me feel better...I have to force myself out of my depressed shell, and put on a smile for her. The bitter side of it is, b/c we have Natalie, we know exactly what we're losing.

Most of all, I'm so glad Mike and I shared our pregnancy news already. Whatever the outcome of this week, our baby (like any other) deserves to be anticipated, and prayed for.

So that's what we're asking. If you have a few minutes, please help us lift up our baby to the Lord. His will be done.

Thank you for reading and caring.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Happy Easter!

We had a great weekend with family, and Natalie really got into hunting Easter eggs this year! She was a hoot to watch.

These were taken Easter morning. She's checking out her new dvd:

This is her new carebear she's thrilled about. It got about 30+ kisses during church that morning.

These were taken after are the FOUR of us.

Natalie and Maw-Maw, one of my favorite pictures:
This one is of Natalie pouting. She was DONE taking pictures and refusing to look at me. I still found it funny.

Discovering goodies inside the eggs:

Running to put her egg in the basket:

"Dapp-paw" and Natalie. She insisted he sit next to her on that step quite often during our visit.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Visit from the Great-Grandparents!!

Natalie's great-grandparents came up from Alabama for a visit this weekend. We've all had fun spending time with them.

Jumping on the bed with Pop's help:

Outside the MO history museum:

Natalie with Daddy, and her great-grandparents:
Running with Nani and Pop:


Natalie and I headed to JC for a weekend to help Mom watch Chase. Doug and Maggie went to Branson for the weekend. Natalie was very sweet with Chase. We were all impressed.

Snuggle time with "maw-maw"

If Maw-maw holds Chase, Natalie must be in her lap as well.

Playing with "Dapp-paw" late at night:

Ready for cake:

Snow pictures!

These are pictures from the 10" + snow we got a couple weeks ago. Here's Natalie messing up my shoveling work!

Our blue-eyed girl:

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Date Night

Nani and Pop babysat Natalie tonight, and Mike and I went out for dinner. We had SO much fun together, I think we laughed the entire night. It was a much-needed date! Thank you Nani and Pop!!!


It got rather quiet in the house yesterday afternoon. Anyone who has been a parent for more than a minute knows that usually means trouble. I was pleasantly surprised to find this:

She was so interested in this book, she didn't even look up when I took pictures of her!

Picture Size

If you'd like to enlarge any of these pictures, I believe all you have to do is click on them. Let me know if I'm wrong.

Closet Fun!

Natalie still thinks its funny to run around in Daddy's closet. I love to take pictures of her here; it shows how small she is compared to his shirts!
See that smile down there?? LOVE IT!

No idea what she's doing, but I love her facial expression here.


Grandma and Natalie always find time to make cookies together. Although there seems to be less and less "finished product" due to someone eating cookie dough! Natalie's favorite part is to use the rolling pin. Grandma packs it along with her everytime (Natalie doesn't like my rolling pin) so she can roll away with it.

Here's Natalie pushing the cookie cutter into the dough (along with the loud grunting/straining noise)'s hard work ya know!