Tuesday, December 9, 2008

A quote from Natalie

Disclaimer: This post involves a toddler pooping story. Do not read further if you are a wimp or offended by natural bodily functions.

We are trying to get Natalie to poop on the potty. Once she accomplishes this, we can be DONE with pull ups...this will be a big day of celebration!! It may take awhile longer though, she doesn't seem to want to push to go poo when she's on the potty...although she does recognize the feeling of having to go. Yay! Anyway, here is an excerpt from our conversation last night:

Natalie: oh monnie, go poopy!
Me: ok, let's go. (run and sit her on the potty)
Natalie: (making grunting noises but not really pushing) uh oh
Me: Push Natalie--you have to push to go poopy.
Natalie: I push, Monnie...........Uh oh Monnie, it's stuck!! Poopy stuck monnie!!
Me: (turning shades of purple and blue trying not to laugh at her)

Potty training is another area in our lives that has become quite comical. She says so many things that crack us up everyday.
Well, she didn't go on the potty, but we'll get there. I'm so proud of her and how much progress she's made already!


Tate Family said...

Hahahaha!! Love all your funny stories about her.

Tate Family said...

Stuck, huh? That is HILARIOUS.

I TAGGED you on my blog!!