Friday, October 10, 2008


We have had a very busy (good) week! One of my best friends, (college roommate, and maid of honor) Jen was able to visit for the entire weekend.! First of all, she rented a Prius and let me drive it the entire time she was here. I was nervous--it looked like tin can from the outside. Then I got in, and realized it had more interior room than MY car!! Once I got the hang of it, it was really fun to drive...and I even forced Mike to take a spin in it. We got some much-needed girl bonding time in over lunch and shopping, and I realized how much I've missed her.

Monday I had an apt, and before I left, we realized my tags were stolen off my car! Nice.

Natalie has had a cold since Saturday, and it still hasn't cleared up completely...although she's feeling much better now. Mike caught it, and frankly, I don't know how I didn't, since every article of clothing I wore was used as a tissue.

Mike was traveling briefly this week. My parents, on the other hand, have been traveling ALL week. They are vacationing up in Montana, and have spent most of their days at Yellowstone driving around enjoying the big country, binoculars in hand.

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