Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Beautiful to Yucky

Natalie and I were walking into a store today, and this store has a major pigeon problem. There are literally hundreds on the roof...which really doesn't concern me. What does get my attention, is when these hundreds of birds start flying over our heads! Here was my conversation with Natalie:

Natalie: Ohhh Monnie! See the birds!
Me: yes, I see them...
Natalie: Beautiful!! Beauuutiful! (a new favorite word of hers)
**I start running toward the store as I see a couple droppings fall**
Natalie: What doing Monnie?
Me: Natalie, these birds are going to poop on us!!!
Natalie: Birds poopy????
Me: (now squealing) Yes, they'll poop on us if we don't hurry!
Natalie: Poopy birds? Yuuuck! Monnie, birds yuck!
Me: Yes, very yucky.
Natalie: Birds yuck!

When we came back outside, they were back on the roof. When we got to the car Natalie looked back at the birds and said, "Yucky birds, Monnie." LOL

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