Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Under the Weather

Natalie came down with a cold yesterday. She was only a little congested, but I knew it would be a rough night. The first night always is. So I pulled out the huge container of our sicky-meds, and got everything ready. The fever meds, cold meds, medicine droppers, vapor rubs, vapor plug ins, etc. She finally slept sound from 2am-7am, then again from 7ish-11am. She has a runny nose today, and a low fever that doesn't seem to want to break. I'm thankful that if she had to be sick, it is (for once) in the middle of the week when the pediatrician's office is open.


I'm thankful for vapor plug ins! Although I think they are a little bit pricey, they are potent, and WORK! My sinuses clear instantly when i walk into her room, and I know it gives her comfort too. We were especially thankful for them before she turned 2 (before cold meds)

I also like the vapor baby rub. It (surprisingly) does not irritate her sensitive skin. It smells nice too, and doesn't just have that strong menthol/eucalyptus scent. It has other fragrant oils in it as well.

Since Natalie cries when we wipe her nose with a tissue (thus creating MORE snot) we gave her an old soft cloth diaper so she could wipe her nose herself. I even keep one on her pillow b/c she tends to use her pillowcase as a tissue as well. She has warmed up to this idea very more tears, or snotty sleeves!

I'm so proud of her for taking her medicine. Many toddlers hate it...she certainly doesn't like it either. But she will take it, without a struggle. No spitting it back out, no gagging, no crying. She whines and makes faces after she takes it, but its quickly resolved after a sip of juice. This is a big improvement, and I'm proud of her.

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