Friday, September 5, 2008


This afternoon, we realized we needed to make a shopping trip for a few things. Natalie was cracking us up with her fascination with everything in the store. When we walked down the candy-aisle, she had to touch EVERY bag of candy within reach. She didn't beg for it, or want to pick it up, just wanted to touch it. When we walked past the yarn, she found the brightest, fuzziest one and had to feel it. (When we were at the furniture store last week, the only thing that nabbed her attention was a bright red leather sofa--it was so shiny I could see my reflection!)

I was walking ahead of Mike and Natalie with the cart, when something caught my eye. It was a tiny bird hopping along, not 10 feet from me. A sparrow. There is something about sparrows I have always liked. I can remember my mom chuckling at me when I was younger b/c I wanted to stop and stand in the parking lots to watch them. I motioned for Mike to hurry and bring Natalie closer. I watched her face and it was obvious the moment she spotted this little bird. We probably spent 10 minutes watching, Natalie chattering excitedly about it the entire time. When it flew away, Natalie said "bye bye!" and then we resumed shopping.

Some people might see a bird inside a store gross and unsanitary, but we saw it as an opportunity to observe and enjoy our daughter's delight. I love the little unexpected blessings we encounter everyday. We are reminded in the Bible that even the small and seemingly insignificant things in life have value and purpose. God uses sparrows as an example of this, only to contrast it with His amazing love for us. It is both uplifting and humbling. Maybe this is why I've always liked sparrows.

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