Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Testing Day

Mike and I decided not to proceed with the blood tests for clotting disorders. I have been praying about this a lot over the weekend, and although I feel we need to push for preventative answers, the closer we got to having these tests done, the more uncomfortable I felt. (and no, I don't fear needles at all)

All we know of my first miscarriage was that I had very low progesterone levels. They were borderline with my second miscarriage--although not the cause. My OB suggested (today) that we check my progesterone levels while not pregnant, to make sure they're within normal range. This way we can fix any potential problems before conception even occurs.

Once Mike and I decided this was what we wanted (b/c it's actually addressing the issue we knew of from the first miscarriage) I have immediately felt a wave of calm over me today. I told Mike this is the first time in a month I have felt truly at-ease.

Testing will happen either this week or next week.

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