Tuesday, June 3, 2008


As Natalie learns new words, she says most of them very well. If not, it takes no time at all for her to correctly say them. However, there are a few "Natalie words" that we have noticed are here to stay awhile.

"Ah-man-na-na" is how she says banana.

"Monnie" is how she says Mommy. This one is dear to my heart...so if you hear her say it, please don't correct her. It is her word for me. I can't help but smile when I hear it, even 100 times a day!

Clock is a new word for her, and anytime she sees one, she shouts "clock!" and talks on and on about the "clock!" Only, she can't pronounce her "L's", so instead of substituting that letter with an easier one, she completely omits it. Thus, leaving her parents the object of stares and giggles, while trying to correct her. I have to admit, when she leaves the room, we can't help but shake our heads and laugh too. :D

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