Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Maybe I should - start using my talents for something other than my own amusement, and discipline myself to go to bed at a decent hour.

I love the smell of - Natalie's breath, and her hair after a bath. New books, leather shoe stores, oranges, and the inside of our "vacation van."

People would say that I- am very frugal with money, and I'm a loving mother.

I don’t understand why - racism still exists.

When I wake up in the morning - (Natalie is my alarm clock) I go get her a cup of milk, let the dog out and feed him, then get her out of bed, and change her diaper. We usually spend the next 1/2 hour watching cartoons on PBS, while snuggling in my bed.

I lost my willpower to - care if the house is messy. I have more important things to do than clean house all the time.

I'm glad - we chose not to have cable TV since we've been married.

Life is - about pleasing God...not ourselves. (a struggle)

My past made me - realize what a great childhood I had.

I get annoyed when - Mike gets up on his soap box about something, reckless drivers, and when my allergies act up.

Parties are not a good time to - show off.

Dogs are - fantastic if well trained and gentle.

Cats are - nice hood ornaments.

Tomorrow is - Tuesday?

I have low tolerance for - negativity.

I’m totally terrified of - the dark, spiders, and losing family.

I always knew I would - be a mother at the age I am. I'm so glad Mike and I didn't wait longer to have a family!!

Never in my life have I - smoked, gone sky diving, or broken a bone.

High school was - a blast! I enjoyed most of it, as well as all the activities I was involved in.

When I’m nervous- I talk too much and my hands shake.

One time at a family gathering - Cory pretended to run into a pole, and an old lady screamed. Good times. Good times.

Take my advice - Don't own credit cards. Who needs an emergency credit card when you have a savings account?

Making my bed- rarely happens because Mike sleeps in it most days. I have to admit, I'm thankful for the excuse not to make it.

I'm almost always - analyzing people.

I’m addicted to - reading books, playing piano, a couple TV shows.

I want someone to - invent cars that run off of air or water.

Now, I tag - Mike (I want him to re-post and see his answers), Jennifer B (you haven't updated in a while!), and Jenn H.

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The Honsal Family said...

We are very similar, Sarah! I loved reading your answers, and just had to steal some! :)