Thursday, May 1, 2008

Hang on...

No recent pictures or videos to share, but Natalie's swim lesson is this morning so I'll update with the cute-ness later.

Here is the latest with us:
Our house is no longer on the market with our realtor. We are going to sell it ourselves and pocket the extra money for good use. So please keep this little adventure of ours in your prayers.

Natalie is doing well swimming. She has a smile on her face the entire time, (I forgot my camera last week) but hasn't grasped the concept of blowing bubbles...yet. She has also needed to talk on the phone whenever I am. If your name is Nani, MawMaw, or Dapp-paw, you know what I'm referring to. Pop, we have yet to call you, but don't be surprised if we do.

I am still struggling with anxiety at night, but it is slowly getting better. For a couple weeks, I could not fall asleep until 4-5AM, only to get up with Natalie a few hours later. I am now on a little bit of a better schedule, but have to distract myself enough to fall asleep. Usually ipod or a boring tv station helps. Needless to say, we are glad this month is behind us.

Although here is an interesting story: about a week ago I went walking with Natalie, and took Cole with us since Mike was sleeping. I was pulling Natalie in the wagon, and had control of Cole with his halti. (a miracle device) Cole is naturally uneasy around other dogs, but is not aggressive. We were a block away from home when an unleashed young pitbull came running up to us. Cole got extremely protective, and was trying to chase the other dog off. (pulling me all over the place) Neither dog was biting, I'm glad of that. The dog owner finally ran over and got his dog. I'd rather the whole incident never happened, but that situation is exactly why I brought Cole along. He did his job and protected us...or atleast Natalie. The more I think back about it, it was obvious he was protecting Natalie, I just happened to be close to her. :-)

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