Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Today has been very hot and humid, so we stayed inside and had some girlie fun. I painted a few of my nails first to show her what happens, and she was so intent and let out a long "oooooooooooh!" She sat very still while I painted her toes, but when I switched back to finish mine, she was all over me, grabbing for the brush, and trying to touch my toes. LOL. It was an experience for sure!

Here is the finished product:

Natalie is very proud of her pink toes. She points to them and says, "look Monney!" She's also come very close to running into a wall b/c she watches her toes while she walks.


Tate Family said...

Oh, how fun, Sarah! What a neat idea. :)

The Honsal Family said...

SO CUTE! Those girlie moments are the BEST!