Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Happy Easter!

We had a great weekend with family, and Natalie really got into hunting Easter eggs this year! She was a hoot to watch.

These were taken Easter morning. She's checking out her new dvd:

This is her new carebear she's thrilled about. It got about 30+ kisses during church that morning.

These were taken after church...here are the FOUR of us.

Natalie and Maw-Maw, one of my favorite pictures:
This one is of Natalie pouting. She was DONE taking pictures and refusing to look at me. I still found it funny.

Discovering goodies inside the eggs:

Running to put her egg in the basket:

"Dapp-paw" and Natalie. She insisted he sit next to her on that step quite often during our visit.


Anonymous said...

Did you say FOUR? Email me soon, or call with details! I think Congratulations is in order.


The Honsal Family said...

LOVE the announcement! That's awesome!

Natalie is so stinking adorable! She's got so much love to absorb between all of those surrounding her with it. It's so evident how loved she is!

Tate Family said...

That picture of the FOUR of y'all is FABULOUS!! :)