Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Natalie is sick.

I knew we couldn't get through another winter without getting some kind of bug, but it's still sad to see her feeling so miserable. So far, it seems to be a cold, but please keep her in your prayers. Mike is taking time off from work so I can sleep some during the day since she is up most of the night. Thank you Mike!

She is asleep on my chest as I type this, mouth gaping open b/c her nose is so stuffed up. She still has tears running now her face from her watery eyes. I've tried laying her down in her crib a few times now, and she just panics and cries. *sigh* So here we are.

She still has a lot of "stinker" in her though. Earlier today, she thought it was hilarious to wipe her nose on my shirt...just to see my reaction. Ugh! Of course it quickly became a game! Needless to say, I've changed shirts many times this afternoon.

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The Honsal Family said...

I'm sorry she's been so sick. Hopefully you can at least embrace the cuddle time. Love the shirt thing...that's hilarious!!!