Friday, February 8, 2008


The visit with the pediatric dentist went very well. We took Natalie in because of some dark stains appearing on her front top and bottom teeth. This was surprising to us; we are very good about brushing her teeth twice a day, as well as limiting sweets, juice, and brushing right before she goes to sleep.

We had also been wrestling with the insurance company this week trying to get her added on to our dental insurance. The problem wasn't the company, it was the employer and not allowing us to add her on until open enrollment in May. *sigh* So now we pay out of pocket, or wait until June when coverage goes into effect.

We decided it couldn't wait and took her in to see a pediatric dentist that our insurance will cover when she's added on. It was twice the amt. just for the exam than our regular dentist, but I insisted to Mike that we wanted someone that was used to working with children, and wouldn't turn us away if she didn't cooperate. (which is what our family dentist told us!! Hello!?! She's ONE! Of COURSE she's not going to cooperate!)

When the dentist came in, she told us they were giving us a free exam!!! I about hugged her. She looked at her teeth and said they needed to be cleaned so she could see if it's just surface stains, or decay underneath. So I held Natalie down while she cleaned her teeth, and the stains came off immediately! It was all just surface stains that was more than likely caused by her toothbrush bristles being too soft to clean her teeth effectively. (Apparently a lot of toddler toothbrushes are this way) Poor Natalie cried so hard during all of this, and by then end was yelling through her tears, "all done! all done! all done!"

We had a short consultation afterwards and the dentist also told us to cut down on her snacking as well. I don't think we can do that, she NEEDS the calories and to gain weight...although if I have to tote around a toothbrush and brush them afterwards each time, I can do that.

I'm happy it's over with, I'm sure Natalie is too...but I'm so glad we went. We were assured it would've turned into decay/cavities if we let it go.

WHEW! Thank you God for seeing us through yet again!

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