Thursday, January 10, 2008

Lessons Learned

Over the past 48 hours, here are the (TRUE) lessons Natalie has learned.

1. Mashed potatoes stick to the wall when flung properly.
2. All bears (even plastic ones that hold honey need hugs and kisses)
3. It's fun to run away when Mommy tries to put my coat on.
4. Perfume bottles are great for scattering on the bathroom floor.
5. I can make Mommy talk through her teeth if I kick when she tries to put socks on me.
6. The green light on the computer turns it off.
7. I can climb on the couches now and bang on the windows!
8. Pizza sauce looks great in my hair.
9. I help unload the dishwasher by putting all the utensils on the floor.
10. I shake my head "no" and run away 1/2 the time when Mommy or Daddy ask for a kiss.
11. The buttons on the security panel can cause loud noises.
12. I try to get Cole in trouble by shoving socks in his mouth.
13. If I turn my sippy cup upside down and bang it on the table, I get a puddle to play in!
14. Mommy and Daddy wouldn't have life any other way!!

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Tate Family said...

LOL -- LOVE IT! Sounds familiar ;)