Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The New Bed

Yes, she still thinks it's for both of them. I think Cole looks forward to 8pm every night (when Natalie goes to bed) so he can be in peace. He no longer has to share HIS new bed with her, get poked, pulled, or fallen on. He gives us those miserable looks when she pesters him, but when he thinks we're not paying attention, we catch him licking and nibbling on her ears.
She is mocking him in this picture...

Now last year for Christmas, her great-grandpa (Grandie) bought her a nice brookstone "nap" blanket. It is the softest blanket, and anytime we lay it out on the floor, she grabs her bear and lays down on it. She LOVES it. Because it's not machine washable, I try and keep it clean as long as possible by keeping it away from the dog, and dog hair. However, yesterday morning Natalie got it out, dragged it across two rooms and stuffed it under Cole's head. I couldn't argue with that. I grabbed the camera instead.

Heaven help the person that might ever try to get in between these two.
She is also saying "hello" and holding the phone up to her ear. I get such a kick out of her creativity sometimes. In this next picture, she put her toy phone in our (real) phone cradle. Then proceeded to clap for herself.

You might have noticed her teddy bear in quite a few of the pictures. "Baby bear" is the bear Mike and I built for her when I was pregnant. She says "baby bear" clearly, and when she hugs him, she says "awwww" We DO NOT travel without this bear. Remember the columbian coffee commercials with airplane that does a U-turn?? That would be us if we left him behind.
We have a rule in our house that Natalie only gets her paci (aka: plug) when she's in bed. Nap time or night time. Other than that, we hide it. Although in these pictures (and upcoming video) she has it in her mouth b/c Mike is sleeping in the same room and I'm trying to keep her from jabbering and waking him up!
Don't get too grossed out with this video...at least she's sharing, right?
This is another video taken a couple weeks ago that I forgot to post. It's definitely a favorite of ours.

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