Friday, November 2, 2007

Happy Halloween!

We hope everyone had a great day! Personally, I can't remember a Halloween that I had this much fun! We took Natalie over to Randy and Dorie's, we had dinner and then went trick-or-treating. By the third house, Natalie was pulling me down the sidewalk, giggling and screeching the whole way. She was so excited, we all couldn't help but laugh with her. The funny thing is, she probably had NO idea that she was getting candy. I think she was excited b/c most of the houses she went up to had dogs or cats that she got to pet!! Either way, we all had a blast. By the way, Natalie was dressed up as a Care Bear (harmony bear)

We had pictures of our house taken today for the market. Mike and I have been working so hard on this house non-stop this week! We're exhausted. A BIIIIG thank you to Randy for helping us haul (and store) our extra things. We appreciate your help!!!

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