Saturday, September 8, 2007


Charlotte (our friend's daughter) had open-heart surgery Friday morning, and is now recovering. They will take her off the ventilator Saturday morning. For now, she is sedated and resting well. Thank you for those that prayed for her. Please continue to do so, she has hurdles to jump during her recovery.

Natalie and I had a great time visiting at their home Thursday evening. However, all day on Friday, I was dealing with headaches and queasiness. Mike kept asking me what I was worried about. My symptoms "mysteriously" vanished when I got to talk to Jenn and hear that Charlotte was okay. I guess I was worried sick (literally) about Charlotte.

I know I have no concept as to what that family has been through. I won't even pretend that I understand. However, I empathize b/c I have Natalie. It breaks my heart to know that another mother, like me, has to watch her daughter go through these things. She is such a special little girl, and is the only thing that has been on my mind today. I can't wait to hold her again and watch her grow by leaps and bounds now that this surgery is over!! Natalie will have to get crackin' and teach her some new skills too. :-)

Mike is home safe and sound...and sick of driving. LOL. The interview went well, although we won't know anything for a quite a while. He took lots of pictures of the city, picked up a map, and a few other things for me. I'm glad he's back, Natalie and I missed him!

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