Monday, September 24, 2007

Cardinals Weekend!

Friday evening was spent at Busch Stadium with my family. Cory was able to get us passes (through work) to get on the field before the game to watch the players warm up. We took an elevator down under the stadium, walked through the tunnel up onto the field. It was amazing to be so close! Quite a few of the players (Eckstein, Molina, Taguchi, Schumaker, Spiezio, and Ankiel) were signing autographs and taking pictures with the fans.
Here's the three of us:

Just Mike and I:

Molina signing autographs:

Wouldn't you know it, So Taguchi walked over to us, bent down to Natalie in her stroller and handed her a baseball!!! Later, we got it signed by him, as well as Schumaker. Mike also took some video of Pujols batting; the first one he hit went out of the park. It's impressive to watch.
About to hand Natalie the ball:

Schumaker signing:

We had our family photo taken on the field before we went up to our party room. Natalie chowed down on dinner while cooling off in the a/c. It was a great setup for her to run around in the room, somewhat contained. We left early, our little girl was tuckered.
Here she is carrying around her beloved teddy bears:

Saturday afternoon, we met my family in their hotel room. They had the top floor suite overlooking the stadium (again, compliments of Cory's work) Later, we rode the metro over to union station where we had dinner. We got back to the room in time to watch the rest of the Cards game that night. Natalie enjoyed the fireworks from the window!!
The view:
Cory flew back to LA Sunday, and we spent the evening with Mike's parents, at the last Cards home game. (I forgot my camera!!) Natalie stayed put for about an hour in our seats (better that I expected) and then went on a long walk with Nani and Pop. We left early again with her being so tired, apparently we missed a good ending!
Natalie didn't wake up until almost 11:30 this morning! She must have been catching up on sleep from our busy weekend.

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